How A Notary Co-Op Works - Notary Co-op

Bringing us together 

Why Notary Co-op?

Co-ops are desperately needed in our industry. Notary Co-op utilizes the most advanced technology to effectively increase notary collaboration and team building, professional marketing, networking, and passive income.

Pool Resources & Collaborate with a Team

Market Your Notary Business at a Lower Cost

Benefits of Notary Co-op

Good News!

Notary Calendar’s patent pending technology automates the process making our Co-op not only practical, but beneficial.

Join Notary Co-op Today

Notary Co-Op is here to help drive you more business.  Here are just some of benefits you will get by joining Notary Co-Op.

1. Generate More Business!

As independent notaries, our marketing budgets are small. With a Co-op, a larger budget allows us to generate more business through more channels with a professional team.

2. Ease of Use

Marketing directly to Escrow offices is tough as a single notary. The Co-op with Notary Calendar technology makes an EO’s job significantly easier when they need a notary.

3. Earn Commissions​

Get commissions for generating business for other notaries.  If you bring a client into the Co-op, you’ll get a commission EVERY single time they hire another notary from the Co-op.